The HSE recommends that airflow indicators should be fitted to all Industrial Ventilation, or Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems.*
Inspection companies check that airflow indicators (or LEV Monitors) are fitted to all LEV extraction points as part of the compulsory Thorough Examination and Test (TExT).

•Fitting airflow indicators greatly improves the safety of personnel using an LEV or Industrial Ventilation system.

The best way to show LEV users that their environment is safe to work in, is to use an airflow indicator, or LEV monitor, which has been specifically designed and manufactured for LEV systems. It should be quick and easy to set up as the LEV is being installed and commissioned, or just as easily retro-fitted to existing installations.

The LEV monitor is a user-friendly, highly visible, microprocessor- controlled electronic airflow indicator, which instantly shows if the industrial ventilation is working as it should.

The LEV monitor can be fitted either to the duct or to a suitable surface or structure using banding, self-tapping screws, nuts and bolts or

any way you prefer. The LEV Monitor is bright orange, so is highly visible and attention-grabbing, and has a continuously moving display to indicate either adequate or insufficient airflow. The user has no difficulty reading the display with just a glance. If the fan fails, or the duct gets damaged, or if a blockage reduces the duct airflow, the LEV Monitor will clearly show you.

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