The Exomist HPM is a range of high-quality mist collectors for machines tools. The HPM series will provide sufficient extraction to capture the atomised coolant mist within the machine enclosure. The HPM achieves this by means of 4 stage filtration Stage 1: Washable Steel Mesh Swarf Arrestor, Stage 2: Multi-Stage Pre-Filter , Stage 3: Main Filter Micro fiberglass media, Stage 4: H13 (EN1822) HEPA Filter. The Hepa H13 guarantees a filtration efficiency of 99.96%. Once filtered, the coolants are returned to the machine or to an integrated drainage oil container and the clean air is returned back into the workshop. The units are floor mounted with locking caster wheels for ease of maintenance and inspection. Filters are equipped with pressure gauges that are connected to LED lights to give you a visual aid of the condition of the filters  Green – Filters Ok,  Blinking red – order replacement filters , Solid Red – Replace filters.

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