The Exomist M series is a high-quality modular series of oil mist collectors for large machine tools or centralized systems. A modular concept solution for the elimination of coolant mist and smoke.
Designed to support continuous operation across three shifts. Its extended filter lifespan is guaranteed by the generous filtration surface area and the careful selection of filter media. The progressive efficiency of the filter elements ensures effective performance. With its HEPA H13 efficiency levels, it achieves up to 99.97% separation at 0.3 microns, making it perfect for recirculating air within factory. The filters are a standard size which are interchangeable with Absolent extraction units. The system is fitted with an integrated drainage pump to return coolant back to machine coolant tank.
The system is fitted with a variable Speed Drive which controls the motor speed and extraction rate which greatly reduces power consumption and increases filter life. The variable Speed Drive is manually adjusted to a fixed speed via an HMI screen. HMI touch screen also monitors the filter condition, with three-step LED light indicators for each filter element, clearly signalling the filter’s saturation level and providing blinking warnings when a filter need replacing.